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New PWMAngband 1.1.10 beta 8 released!

The house creation system has been reworked to be much simpler: rectangular houses, correctly placed on allowed terrain and priced when created/extended, and deleted when the wilderness level is deallocated. The game speed has been greatly reduced on questor levels to make the last fights more fair. Also more bugfixes. Since the V team is pretty much quiet at this moment and v3.5 is on its way, this beta should be a good release candidate for the forthcoming PWMAngband 1.1.10 release.

See list of changes below:

- Completely prevent changing birth options after birth (as Angband 3.x)
- Minor vault template fix
- Fix pickup behaviour when blind
- Add missing flavored messages when being killed by projectable spells or by the strain of polymorphing
- Shimmer objects when displaying the object list in subwindows
- Replace old monster and object list code with new textblock-based code
- Use textual descriptions for message prefs & fix some sounds
- Merge Dawnmist's work that allows graphical tiles to represent lighting states better
- Display pain message when a monster damaged by a chaos spell resists the polymorph effect
- Display a message when both equipment and inventory are empty and the player presses 'e'
- Save p_ptr->unignoring in savefiles
- Fix dungeon loading code recreating the mimicked object/feature each time a mimic is loaded from the server savefile
- Reduce game speed below 4250ft so that +20 speed at 4950ft and deeper feels the same as 0 speed in town
- Greatly reduce game speed on quest levels (depths 100/126/127) so that +30 speed feels the same as 0 speed in town
- Add option (turned on by default) to disturb the player when a monster bashes down a door
- Let the General Store sell House Foundation Stones and scrolls of House Creation
- Prevent the DM or birth_no_stores players from creating or expanding houses
- Deallocate custom houses when deallocating unused wilderness levels
- Use a separate unit (house.c) for the house code
- Use a growable array for houses to ensure that the wilderness layout stays consistent
- Only allow rectangular houses with automatic (random) door placement when creating a house
- Placing a foundation near an existing owned house extends that house automatically
- Forbid house creation/extension near other houses
- Set (or adjust) price according to house dimensions
- Make the player pay as "local tax" the difference between the new price and the amount already paid when creating/extending a house
- Scan the floor again after the player presses a key to select an item from the floor to minimize the risk of getting "Illegal object choice" messages if the floor has changed in the meantime
- PYTHON upgraded to version 2.7.6
- LIBPNG upgraded to version 1.6.7
- FREETYPE upgraded to version 2.5.2

Note: savefiles are not compatible with beta 7, you need to restart from a clean instance.

Files updated: client, server and source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location:
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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