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Originally Posted by bron View Post
Two things:

1) Given how hard the comp is, how about extending the deadline to the end of the month? That would help a plodder like me, although I admit some might see that more as horribly prolonging a painful illness, rather than as extra time to meet a challenge

2) I'm of the opinion that the competition rules, for Vanilla at least, should continue to insist on restarting from the savefile, and not allow a rebirth. One thing that changes with a rebirth is that all 50 levels of Hit Dice get re-rolled, and the HP progression can have a significant effect on the character, especially in the early going. This doesn't happen with, say, Sil, but for Vanilla I think it is important.
I must say that I kind of agree, but unless the game makes this less error-prone, I don't think "the noobs" should be punished for restarting. They weren't to know!
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