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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
it is *very* unusual.

i made it clear that if you are playing Angband to see how much you can push an inadequate character into danger, stealth is the better choice. And you shouldn't. Or at least you shouldn't do that, and then be one of those who say "whoo, i have played X years and have never seen Y drop, because my win rate is 0.3%".
This is, I think, where you are missing the point. People who play for years without winning dont dive - if they did, they would win. Certainly the win rate of the diver is lower than that of the conservative player. But also certainly the ratio of wins/time_played is higher.

What you perceive as "inadequate character" is, with sufficient stealth, in fact perfectly adequate to make a life on dlvl 98.

The "play style", or habit to be acquired, is a very careful approach on every level. First detect, and if it looks safe, move around a few steps, maybe 10 or so squares and see if there is any worthwhile loot or prey. If there isnt, retreat to the staircase and change level. Dont linger, dont randomly explore. Check the immediate vicinity and leave.

If you are proceeding like this, it is remarkably safe, with stealth, to stay on levels way beyond what a conservative player would consider safe.

Go ahead and play the game of pushing an "inadequate" character as far as possible. You will be surprised.

As for choice, it is true that more often than not there is none - if there is stealth to be had, its likely on the items you want anyway.
But if the game gives you stealth, no matter what else comes with it, it is a boon beyond your imagination.
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