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My last winning char was swapping between the +2 deathblade and Glamdring while doing the 950' circuit and they didn't seem too far off one another, though the difference could be in Glamdring basicalIy having an autocrit on almost everything at that depth. I had a ring of damage<+1> for most of the game, so with subtlety and momentum I had 1d14 with 6/crit with a deathblade and 2d10 with 7/crit with Glamdring. If I had a bit more strength I could have had 2d12 with Glamdring. My strategy is basically to build song of slaying + sharpness + woven themes at 950' (no song before then), then weave them for the throne room.

Since you already have Anguirel I would probably go for dual-wielding Anguirel and Glamdring. I'm not really sure how the throne room works with mastery, to be honest - do you weave it with slaying, or just poke morgoth until he dies, or what?
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