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For a bit of context, philosophically this is meh, who cares, mathematicians & physicists deal with worse all the time. Game play wise, I had to explain to someone why Carcaroth can't move through lava he creates. He actually can, I just get to shoot him 70,000 times before he moves. Which is maybe ok. I get more & more ok with V being mechanically broken all the time, it allows you to create fun by taking riduculious risks to win quicker & there's a bunch of people not winning, some of them good. Still.. fact is this is pretty broken...

He also did about 5 damage breathing poison with 10 stars of health. I'm unsure if that's breathe attenuation & double resists stacking or something wrong in the code. He managed 100 against nether resist at 1/2 the health & half the distance.
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