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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Random insight for the day, its actual possible for a character to act faster then the internal time clicks of the game. The fastest energy recovery/click is +49. The fastest possible movement speed for standarts is 25 energy (wormtongue boots in eagle form) & a lvl 50 ranger with a plain bow shoots for 33 energy/shot.

Now I'd have to double check through all the mechanics to be sure but it does seem a fast enough angband hero breaks time. You act & no time passes, till the 2nd action.
Time is still passing, just less than a game turn. If you were fighting a monster that also got +49 energy per game turn, and let's say that the energy counts were

You: 148
Monster: 147

Then you take your 25-energy movement action. Now the energy counts are

You: 123
Monster: 147

Even though you still have enough energy for a turn, the monster now gets to go because it has more energy than you do.

However, you're correct that nothing with less than 100 energy would have a prayer of taking an action in that time.
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