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Question New Dungeon maps

I like the new curved hallways idea - does give it a more realistic feel to the game that one is in a dungeon, a mine.

However, I think this will necessitate a few code changes to how spells are cast and how arrows are shot.

"Light Area", for example, ought to be improved a bit to cover either a wider area of dungeons as "rooms" are no longer well-defined.

Missile shots & beam spells will have much less effect as the range is much more limited now. I can guess that some would say that is a good thing; mage beam spells and missiles are too powerful as is.

Is the dungeon map, however supposed to be much smaller than a normal level of straight lines & rooms? My current nightly build is showing a map size about 1/4th the normal size.

Traversing curved hallways is a bit of a pain, as you may know... the "." + "direction" key sequence does not get one very far in such a scenario.

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