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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
For what it's worth, priests don't have terrible innate device skill. Mages have the best with 36 + 1.3 * level; then rogues and ranges have 32 + 1 * level, priests at 30 + 1 * level, paladins at 24 + 1 * level, and then warriors at 18 + .7 * level. Priests don't have especially good INT, but that makes almost no difference (surprisingly) -- an INT of 10 gets you +1 skill, and an INT of 18/220 gets you +13. Remember that each 1 point in the skill above the level of the device you're trying to use is +1% damage.
This is something that I'm going to look at more in the future. Specifically, I'm thinking about extending that scale in the negative direction. So INTs below 12 give you a penalty to damage and larger fail rates.
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