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Very similar to Fruviad. Angband is not just hard, it is amazingly hard. It punishes you mercilessly, but it rewards you too-- if you are good and you are lucky, you get cool items, beat scary monsters, steal their loot, and learn neat spells. Even when you get killed at DLVL10 by a white louse that ends up being thirty white lice that bite you and bite you and bite you and
-you are dead-
you can look forward to making it to level 12 next time and by golly you won't make the same mistake twice.

So yeah, permadeath, random dungeons, umber hulks, out of depth objects, monsters that you find out too late have paralysis, dying, and wondering how on earth anyone ever made it to DLVL90 relying entirely on devices for damage (no melee/shooting).
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