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Sil : targeting

I keep screwing up my archery attacks due t a quirk in the way Sil does targeting. Normally, "ff" will shoot and arrow from the first quiver at the nearest enemy. Subsequent "ff"s will continue to target that same enemy as long as it is reachable (even if other enemies have since gotten closer). However, if the original enemy can no longer be targeted, then a new enemy (the closest) is chosen to be shot at. This is all fine and I have no problem with any of that. The problem comes when I deliberately target a square, rather than an enemy. This happens e.g. when "Listen" lets me know that there is an enemy there (I can see a "*"), but I don't hear it well enough to actually know what it is (which seems to be needed in order to target the enemy). If later I try "ff" again, the arrow is shot towards the square I targeted earlier, even if that square is no longer reachable (e.g. it is around the corner, or in another room). This is unlike the enemy-targeting behavior, where a new target is chosen when the old target cannot be reached. This can sometimes take me 2 or 3 arrows to notice my screwup, since at first I think I just missed.

Can this be changed? Or can someone suggest someway I can avoid doing this wrong? Or am I just confused about the whole thing?
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