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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Good spot - I think that's a genuinely new bug in a very old bit of code.
You mean it's been there all along but hadn't been reported?

A few weeks ago I posted...
Originally Posted by scud View Post
Compared to 3.3.2 … it appears that heavy armour is much more detrimental to SP than before
...but no-one responded. Is the above correct? If:
  1. AC is more heavily (heh) punished than before, and
  2. given that my feeble young paladin's SP started to creep into genuine positive numbers at AC 85-ish, and
  3. knowing how unusual it is to have such a high AC so early in the game
...then perhaps negative mana was in effect unachievable prior to 3.4/3.4.1?

(The above post was the same one in which I said oil/lanterns were thin on the ground; Dave II always tops up when in town and he's noticed that on his last two visits to the surface he was down to 3k and 5k remaining fuel. The ability to refuel in-dungeon is definitely no longer a given.)
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