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Originally Posted by smileyy View Post
IIRC, one of the early Final Fantasies had a subgame like this -- where you'd go into a deep dungeon, picking up equipment, etc., until you died. When you died, you returned to the start, and there was a subset of equipment you picked up that would be retained after death.
I believe you're thinking of Lufia 2, though there's several games that have what amounts to ironman dungeons embedded within them.

As for the original concept, awhile back I'd thought of making the level cap be, oh, somewhere around 30 or 35, so you'd hit it around 2500' or so. All your advancement after that point would have to come from gear. I admit the reason I thought of this was because I was playing a mage at the time and didn't feel like grinding from character level 46 to 50 just to minimize my failure rate on Manastorm before fighting Morgoth. That's really the only noticeable incentive to grind right now, I feel.
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