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Originally Posted by fph View Post
If I understand correctly, the automatizer (autosquelch) files have been moved to a different JSON-based format in the ToME master. Are there any sample files around, or a method to convert the old XML-based ones?
No conversion, sorry.

Originally Posted by fph View Post
I don't want to start writing from scratch all the obvious rules like "squelch all potions of sleep and (+0,+0) swords"...
I feel a huge portion of the pain of this is due to the UI for actually destroying items. It's what 3-4 keypresses just to destroy + record squelch?

Well, there's also quite a big amount of completely junk items or items that you might find interesting in one or two games, but will basically never want/need to look at again. (Some of the Artifact Lore "books" come to mind. Maybe I should just remove some of this stuff... I'm guessing that nobody actually ever reads it.)

Just curious: Do you use any of the "only when level is higher than 30" or "class is X" stuff?

I've been planning on moving to a much more squelch-like system which wouldn't actually destroy items, but doing that also really necessitates changing drop rates, which necessitates rebalancing egos/randarts (probably) which... (Aka. "it's complicated".)
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