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Getting Elbereth Archer online

Hi team,

I've started experiencing with a sing-y build, archetype of Elbereth Archer, where the Ladder on this site shows strong late-game potential. But I've struggled to get the character off the ground, ie past 250ft. Things that keep tripping me up:

1) Unintelligent mobs, especially wolves, who refuse to flee unless their health gets low. I'll often get overwhelmed by 3 white wolves in a corridor; simply can't take the hits, can't get them to flee.

2) Which skills are essential early game? I'll always take Keen Senses, but then what about Rout, Point Blank Archery, Formidable? I usually save enough experience use the Forge and kit out with bow + arrows, in case RNG fails at 50-100ft; is this the right thing to do? Should I also take Jeweler to make archery rings along with bow + arrows?

3) Tactics and Strategy on chasing vs killing w Elbereth. My impression is that I take too many moves to chase / kill enemies, or end up accidentally aggro-ing too much of the dungeon at once. What principles should I keep in mind, in the decision to Stealth vs Chase to Stairs vs Kill?

Thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated. Loving the game still.
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