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Originally Posted by Svalbardcaretaker View Post
Keen senses, formidable don't really do anything to help you with "killing monsters" and "not getting killed by monsters".
I'm going to disagree with this a little. Keen Senses in particular is a cornerstone of most stealth builds. It's a good "not getting killed by monsters" tool but it requires a strategy of actively avoiding engagement with difficult enemies. It also unlocks Listen which is a fantastic "not getting killed by monsters" tool. If you are taking a stealth route it is one of the best picks you can make.

Keen Senses often helps an Edain survive better than investing the XP in extra combat skills would. A fight you don't have the capacity to win is best avoided.

Formidable is pretty new and I would appreciate testing of it, in theory it should also be good at preventing you from getting killed by giving you a big head start on enemies following you.

My own start to Elbereth archers historically tended to involve Dodging and Sprinting rather than stealth; in the early game there's a lot of running away.

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