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Oh hey, I've won with this build, I've got a few recommendations.

1) I think what I did was mostly just try to dive out of wolf depth as fast as possible and die a lot. I find Elbereth builds get easier once you start getting wargs instead.

2) Rout. Absolutely get Rout. Get Rout turn 0, in fact. Point Blank Archery I never bothered with. Early game it won't be enough to save you in melee, and late game you don't need it (fun fact: the check for an enemy to start fleeing happens before opportunity attacks, so late game you can just shoot unafraid greater werewolves in the face and the criticals + crippling shot will get them to run before they bite you). I don't think Formidable was in the game when I last did this build, so I can't speak to it. Instead, I did a run to Inner Light and then Majesty as fast as possible. I'd hold off on Keen Senses until sulrauko depth, personally. I took weaponsmith because running out of arrows is a very real worry early game if you get forced off a level before you can pick all your arrows up, but I never invested further in forging.

Song of Thresholds is also worth considering, although it moves you away a bit from pure fear archer as a playstyle. Elbereth + Thresholds is a very safe build, because you can scare things out of a room and seal the doors to rest, and keep yourself from getting outflanked by sealing off areas of the dungeon room-by-room like this as you go.

3) Run away and powerdive until you have enough archery to kill things in a few shots. It's been a while since I played this build, but from what I recall, I only bothered to chase things off the level if there happened to be stairs or a chasm nearby. Trying to kill everything also takes too much time and too many arrows in the early floors and is liable to get you swarmed, although I did take the time to hunt down and kill fleeing uniques, and it's worth sniping birds or anything else you can kill in a couple shots. Eventually you can kill most things, or keep them too scared to ever attack you.

I lost most of my runs in the early floors, but things smooth out a lot if you can survive to about 450'. Stealth would probably make this easier, but I never invested in it (although maybe you should...). I did a lot of bailing on levels if I aggroed too many things and trying to beeline for the down stairs, instead. Tapping Elbereth on and off to keep orcs at a distance without trying to kill them will eventually get you swarmed when you run out of voice, but it can buy you enough time to retreat to the stairs. I don't know if going for Inner Light + Majesty asap like I did is the best option, but if you survive long enough to get them, orcs will autoflee upon seeing you, and most other things will flee with a single round of Elbereth, letting you save voice.
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