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Possible Vanilla Projects

Here are some possible areas I'd like to work on in Vanilla. I'm posting this list to get some feedback before attempting anything. Some of these sub-items are not crucial, I'm just noting them here because I posted about them previously. These are things I believe I could realistically take on, make improvements that the majority of players would really like, and that I think I would enjoy working on.

Loot system (more about that next post)

Refining Necromancer
  • Would be so fun to be somewhat responsible for this new class!
  • Lots of improvements to the way their spells are annotated
  • A couple spells need reworking, especially the highest level ones
  • Vampire Strike on creeping adamantite coins
  • Vampire Strike "target is shielded"
  • Vampire Form Discrepancy

Few Paladin improvements
  • Make Protection from Evil usable at all levels but not OP
  • Improve messaging on Smite Evil and others

  • Get rid of 18/xxx notation
  • Contribute to documentation/wiki
  • projection.txt header documentation
  • Semi-persistent levels
  • Reorganize monster recall
  • Black Market misnomer

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