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Originally Posted by dhegler View Post
I was having a decent game with my recent dwarf priest after dying a few times in low levels on the nightlies (which I never seemed to do before). However, I get to DL 50 and get the superb feeling. Use !enlighten, see a vault. Cool, I think... Also has purifications and healing, which I needed. Cleared out this infinity sign vault around the exterior. Detected evil, didn't see anything too nasty, a master lich, etc... Had to dig the granite. Voila, greetings Tarrasque! How is that thing NOT evil? Didn't have a chance to do anything, got killed in the turn after I cleared the granite. Talk about serious OOD - I thought he was about 80+. Only had speed +6 since it seems randarts are tough to find speed that is useful (at least for me). I have even been playing "safe", had a stack of -TO, _teleport, and have been making use of fleeing, which I rarely do. Just never got the chance here. Oh well.
How deep were you? Some monsters in greater vaults are generated as 40 lvl OoD (+ possible OoD checks).
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