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Ditch the cutlass; if you need to attack without using mana, use your bow (Especially since with that Ring of the Mouse, your cutlass will deal next to no damage anyway!). Don't worry about the oddity of a mage using a bow; Gandalf kicked ass with Glamdring when he had to. Tolkeinian magicians are not D&D magicians.

How often are you in melee range? Your armor is giving you no special abilities except for the (very nice) helm of regeneration. Consider just ditching all that stuff to save on weight.

I wouldn't bother carrying the Rod of Curing; potions are far more reliable in a bind. Why would you ever want to use an item that has a failure rate when you're blinded or confused?

You don't need the !Heroism, and the !rPoison isn't useful -- big poison breathers don't show up for quite some time yet. Drink it the next time you see air hounds.

I'd wear that Ring of Resist Fire/Cold rather than the Ring of Accuracy.

Lose the Ring of Open Wounds IMO; I've never found them useful. For fast recovery, just drink potions.

Acid resistance is not a big deal; damage is halved if the acid hits a slot with armor in it that provides at least some AC benefit. Even without that, though, you're not running into many sources of acid damage at the moment.

Read the Scroll of Acquirement. No matter when you read one of those things, odds are it'll be a disappointment, but better to read it now and probably get something useful when enchanted loot is rare, than read it later when enchanted loot is common and maaaaaaaybe get something amazing. Remember, part of winning the game is surviving until later, and good gear now helps a lot with that.

Regarding Debility: losing CON is no big deal; you might lose, oh, maybe 5 points of HP? At most? Losing STR is a much more pressing concern. I'd be more inclined to carry more attack wands than a mushroom of Debility. Potions of Restore Mana should start showing up soonish anyway; they restore more MP and have no downside other than being more easily destroyed.

EDIT: whoops, he's dead. That was brief.
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