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Originally Posted by krazyhades View Post
I would post a link to a character on the ladder but I'm running this instance with the monster knowledge cheat on (and I really couldn't care less whether you think I shouldn't) so the ladder won't let me upload a chardump. Instead I've attached it.
Yeah, this is so annoying. When I can easily look up any monster in the browser window next to my game, the convenience of doing so in-game is not like "ignore death" or "wizard mode" or other things that really are cheats. I totally think this should be a player option, as it is now, but it shouldn't be marked as "cheat". I don't really care, like the OP I just turn it on and don't worry that someone else thinks I'm "cheating", but it's annoying and it fragments the user community, which isn't ideal when it's already so small.
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