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There is a scream and the door slams shut

Long-time player returning after a hiatus of a few years. First time playing 4, using the default setting. I have a Gnome Druid approaching 1000' that got chased off by a baby MHD. I avoided him with phase and fox form while I recalled to town but...

In every shop I enter "there is a scream and the door slams shut." Even my home!

(1) What's the situation here? Am I without access to shops from here on out or are these going to re-open later. Both offer some interesting game-play choices. I have two WoR should I _could_ risk walking around with one, but I'm also still shallow enough that I could just dive on my next session

(2) Who is this strange person in my house? Squatters? Maybe I shouldn't have killed the mean-looking mercenary and instead hired him to evict these vagabonds...

Anyways, enjoying getting back in the game. The changes definitely keep it fresh for an on-again, off-again player like me. Like I remember enough to move around with confidence but enough is different that it gives me pause, particularly around lore. E.g., I ran into a "tamer" and thought, what is that going to do? Sounds like some low-level beastmaster that might summon wild cats or something on me... maybe avoid. Now of course I just kill them but the first few plays I was careful.
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