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Originally Posted by nppangband View Post
Please don't laugh at my dumb question, but what files are classified as resources?

Qt has a command that examines a binary and copies all of the necessary dynamic link libraries in the same folder as the program. You can see about 25 of them are included in the windows port. When I did the same command with OSX, the only thing in the .dmg file was the binary. So I zipped the whole folder up and uploaded it. I am open to suggestions on how it should be different.

Right now the only restriction on the folder location is the /lib folder and subfolders have to be in the same directory as the binary. The NPP folder can be located anywhere. But I have a feeling that does not answer your question. I am not as computer saavy as the deevteam and other developers.
Ah OK, sorry, I should have been clearer! I meant that ideally on OS X the lib folder would be within the NPP .app folder (which is called a bundle). The model of application installation on OS X is that you just copy the bundle of the program you want into your Applications folder, and that includes all the resources that the program needs and it's all kept together.

For example in V the folder listing looks like this: (executable) (lib folder)

Looking at the code in V that works out where the lib folder is, it's written in Objective-C so it won't be portable to C++ but there is a bit about getting the path of the bundle in the online Qt docs for OS X.

Does that make sense?
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