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Several variants have the ability to summon allied monsters, and the concept of coaligned monsters in general. For example, in ToME you can find Gandalf, Shadowfax, Treebeard, etc. as friendly monsters, who will help you out in fights. There's a fair amount of complexity to make summons be useful without being overpowered, and to keep them from accidentally killing the player.

One of the big problems you have to solve is how to keep the game interesting when the player doesn't have to be in LOS of a monster to fight it. Even if their summons / allies can't kill, any about they can weaken enemies by is an amount the player doesn't have to personally deal with.

Another issue you can run into is out-of-control summoning sprees. Monsters don't make any effort to avoid LOS the way the player does, which means they'll happily walk into view of a bunch of summoners and let them bring in huge numbers of hostile-to-you summons. This is a potential threat in many late-game fights, which limits the utility of summons. It's for this reason that the first thing I do on entering many late-game levels in ToME is attempt to dismiss any coaligned monsters. For me, they're more trouble than they're worth.
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