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Your damage output is pretty good, combined with the decent resists (though like wobbly said, 2x rShards would be nice) and high AC I would expect something like 30-40 normal !healing and 4-5 !*healing* to be enough for J, a bit more if you got exceptionally unlucky with the summons.

In other words, you've found more than enough !healing and !*healing*, the problem is that you've used too many of them before J (and that, like clouded said, too many of them got destroyed). This might be a sign that you've picked the wrong fights or made tactical errors in the fights you did pick, but I suspect it's mostly that you've underused staff-healing. Doom Quest II gives a healing staff as a reward, so if you underused staff-healing simply because you didn't have a staff of healing to use, you can do that quest earlier next time.

Warrior is a bit odd in that it's strong in the early game, then a bit awkward in the late game because of the device problems, then strong again against J because J drains the charges out of melee characters' devices anyway.

-- was one of my coffee-break winners; while not a warrior, he relied on melee for damage and had the same device fail-rate problems warriors have. If you look at the statistics you'll notice he used less potion-healing than your guy, and the vast majority of the potion-healing he did use was in the J fight; he barely used !healing and !*healing* at all before the end fights. But he used staff-healing a lot more than your guy.
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