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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Oh yeah. If you're revamping the archer class, can you please please please give it extra might instead of extra shots? At least try it out?

There is a problem with that. Namely, that melee has a bunch of modifiers that affect its damage - straightforward +damage on gear, +str, +str/+dex which add attacks, extra blows, whatnot. Archery has only 2 - extra shots and might. That is already a bad situation if you compare the artifact list of the plethora of melee weapons with the few possible combinations for launchers. Sofar, a ranger might not necessarily prefer a bow with extra shots. If you give him extra might, he always will.

If, as I believe, your objective is to reduce the relative damage increase, pretty much every other way is preferable to "more extra might" - a straight damage adder, fractional shots, a brand multiplier increase, you name it. Your suggestion would lead to zero variance itemisation.

I think I would add in a 3rd way of increasing damage to archery - not necessarily by adding it to the archer class (only). That would make the possible combinations more interesting and it also would reduce the weight of both the existing modifiers, shots and might. Off weapon straight damage would be the natural choice, but other ways can be conceived.
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