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Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
PWMAngband has Archers and I never was able to fully balance them. Whatever I do they are either obscenely OP or pointless vs other classes using base archery. I ended up giving them +2ES like Rangers but for any type of shooters and spells giving either flat damage or brands. This works well except for the stupid damage bumps at levels 20 and 40. I'd like to add fractional shots to counter that, so they get small shooting speed increases every level, just like the Monk class which in PWMAngband gets 0.1 extra bpr per level.
The reason you cant balance the archer is because, as a class, it is pretty well balanced as is - in fact I think of it rather as a lower tier option.
If you are adjusting the damage to that of a melee fighter (and call that balance), it will become pointless indeed.

The thing is that the weight on the other scale is hassle; an ugly and imo undesirable, but effective factor. The ranger pushes some ridiculous numbers when it comes to fighting the boss, but along the way, it is better to be the rogue.

The nightmare is a ranged fighter who plinks on endlessly, doing tiny pixels of damage for every normal monster. Even if he can do that undisturbed and has an easy time with it, its undesirable gameplay. My favoured take on this is burst damage. It was kindof well established in 3.0.0 or thereabouts with rare, but very damaging branded arrows. Unfortunately, it also requires the equally ugly non-stacking of ammo to work properly.

If burst is the solution, I see 2 options: for easy fights where you save resources, you eirther use basic arrows - probably in the form of a default attack not requiring any actual item arrows at all, and therefore no micromanagement - or you use melee.

Why dont you like the damage bumps at level 20/40 ? As a player, I prefer that to a pointless and barely noticable trickle of power from 0.1 bpr/level. It is something to look forward to and the phase of great damage is preceded by one of low damage you have to work through before the joy.
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