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thanks Sphara

I have found exactly one scroll of banishment and one scroll of mass banishment the entire game. The former I used against time hounds (I hate time hounds), the latter I used when I identified it. I don't even know exactly what it does.
I've also yet to see an arrow of holy might. (at least two sets of bolts, but no arrows!)

At this point, I've dusted Sauron, who was surprisingly weak - Turned into a Vampire and managed one spear of ice which stunned me briefly, gave me a cut, but did no damage because of Nenya (the cut managed 3 hp) My monster history only shows him as only having 8000 hp just like Gothmog.

Now it will be time to go down, WOR up, grab my 2 potions of *Healing* I left behind and then WOR down and take my crack at Melkor.
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