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I leave matching pickup at yes. Why wouldnt I want to ? If I use torches, I probably want to pick up the ones I find, once I have a lantern, I squelch torches anyway. But most importantly, this option gets me back my ammo without any inscribing - I rarely inscribe ammo.

Mouse move is at "no"; I dont use the mouse at all, and dont want to accidentally cause disatster by clicking.

Old target by default I switch to "yes", habit for macros I suppose; either setting works, but the macros are different. This way, pressing h - enter shoots at nearest, while f-enter uses old target.

Show walls as blocks: yes (ascii mode)

Center map: yes

Show uniques in purple: yes

Auto-clear "more" prompts: yes, I have an extra subwindow for messages

Notify on object recharge: yes; I often press the rest macro when waiting for a rod to recharge. I dont care about turn count, only about click efficiency.

Everything not mentioned here stays on default.
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