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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
Also, why do the stars and phials in randarts get better bonuses than the standard ones?

Okay, I'm on my 4th game with the same randarts (I can't seem to change the randarts on my games, but that's another issue), and I am finding the same powerful artifacts over and over: an armor that grants telepathy, holds life, and resist just about everything but Dis and Nexus and +5 WIS. Just found that Scythe, of slay evil and acid <+2> extra attacks again. A star of <+4> Speed, a bunch of stats <+3> rDis, hLife. And an artifact weaponmastery amulet that sustains wisdom as well, rNether, rDis, and pFire. Like, helllloooo. On my way to another easy win. If anyone is having trouble winning and wants a good Randart set, you may want to try this one out. It's only weakness is that it has no good rNexus artifacts. But I work around this by playing with Forced descent on so I can fight Sauron without rNexus. Tons of Wisdom bonuses in it, too, so I'd recommend a green book class. Last game I had 190 Wisdom as a HT/Warrior even though I was trying my hardest to get my DEX up.
That's because randarts are now based on any base item. Your Phial could be based on a PDSM or ring of speed and get 300+ power score, adding a lot of good properties.
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