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Debo and Nick M co-stream next weekend (talking FAangband)

Hey folks,

This upcoming Saturday, February 29th at 10PM Eastern Time, Nick and I will be co-streaming on my Twitch channel. It's going to be pretty low-tech.

I want to ask Nick a bunch of questions about what the world was like when he started working on FA, some of the thinking behind design decisions, that sort of thing. I'm probably going to play a bit as well while he makes fun of me.

This is all subject to Cancellation Due To Real Life and that sort of thing, but if you're interested in catching it live, I hope to see you then.

I'll post the stream to YouTube in the 24-48 hours that follow.

Thanks to Nick for volunteering to do this. (Although I'm sure he's just slacking from his Vanilla to-do list )
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