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The different languages

As a long time programmer I give a little insight into your troubles. C was originally designed for very low level, just above machine code, for writing operating systems in. Along came C++ which built on C and with the thinking behind other languages like smalltalk i.e. object orientated, but again not really meant for writing user facing programs. After this people had Visual basic, then java and c#. These are all before we get into scripting languages like python.
So for C manipulation of memory was a primary point and the fore runner languages had no type checking, so C was better.
C++ is still a low level language but follows a different concept, object, rather than the functional style C.
Converting from C to C++ is interesting and converting from C++ to C is even more fun. I have done both in my lifetime.
The best language to write Angband from scratch would in my opinion be C# or Java. They are nearly the same and are easy to follow and code in.
I would not suggest we move the development of Angband to either as legacy code is painful to unpick. If you want to improve things then write front ends in a language that can use the current code. Personally, I don't have the time or energy to do so.
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