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Angband is a game where, by and large, if you do not want to fight a thing, you will not have to fight a thing. An excellent source of damage like that bow (and cloak) means that you can fight anything that can't kill you (in a turn), which is going to be a lot of things, pretty much no matter your HP/resists. There's always stuff like Vrocks, after all. Elemental dragons can also be pretty squishy if you can get double-resists on.

Now, not having ESP, that is a big deal. That can easily lead to death, though a Rogue is at less risk due to stealth and spells. No resists combined with no ESP does put you at risk of instadeath, though it is important to note that rNether in particular is completely useless on that front since it reduces max damage by 1/7, which is basically negligible. It only matters for healing conservation during a long battle, which you have no reason to care about as basically any character. RDis is also useless, since it reduces a form of damage with a reasonably low cap, meaning that it wasn't going to kill you in the first place, and very few things have it. The only resists I ascribe any importance to aside from base+poison are Dark/Light (as poor man's pBlnd mostly, though the damage cap is pretty high) and Chaos, which is a common source of damage with side effects. Ever since Sound lost pStun it has been pointless, rShard always was, rDis is great if you're paranoid about equipment damage, but who cares really. rNexus is nice to have, but also who cares.

Being weak on HP is also bad, since it dramatically increases the amount of monsters who can kill you, but in the end it can mostly be mitigated by obsessively detecting and keeping your stealth high. In V, everything can be mitigated by keeping your stealth high (to be able to pick fights and grab stuff off the ground), obsessive and sufficient detection (Detect Monsters is good, and you also want a way to detect invisible monsters, though ESP will do just fine for that), and keeping your escape options open and ready.
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