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What is the point of slow pseudo-ID?

So I got tired of months of sending a steady stream of rogues to their deaths in the depths of Angband, and decided to take my first stab at a divine class.

(Wow, paladins are pretty sick.)

But one thing that has been making me INSANE is the pokey pseudo-ID. What is the point? It makes the ID mini-game in the middle phase of the dungeon just annoying.

To clarify, I consider the ID mini-game split into three phases:

1) Early in the dungeon, you don't have consistent ID (it's too expensive) and you're scrabbling for basic gear, trying everything on to determine function, usually before even fast pseudo-ID would kick in.

2) For a huge chunk of the game, you've got just enough ID to get by. You pick up an item and rely on pseudo-ID to tell you whether to blow an ID charge, scroll, or spell on the item. i.e. not bothering to ID "magical" items, only egos.

3) Late in the game, you're just looking for artifacts and pseudo-id becomes irrelevant, since artifacts pop on pickup.

So is there really a point to making some classes fiddle-fart around waiting for pseudo-ID to pop through? Later in the game when you're trying to wade through big piles of gear, it gets quite tiresome.
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