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Hey, I'm familiar with the code and I think your plans are great and it's been needing doing for some time, especially standardising the file format and stopping every single different port reimplementing it. Here are the two comments I had that weren't "hurrah!":

5. Replace calls to sound() with calls to msgt(), so
msgt(MSG_MULTIPLY, "");
I think in cases where there is no message but there is a sound hook, it's cleaner to keep a call to sound() rather than passing an empty string to msgt(), both because it requires no change to the API and semantically because the intended outcome is not to print a message but to make a sound.

EDIT: We could just move the sound file names into message.prf

message:<message-type>:<color>:<sound file> <sound file> ... <sound file>
I think it's cleaner to keep sound file and message colours in separate places as it makes it easier to introduce new sound sets without touching stuff that isn't related to them.
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