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Yep, you've got everything that's on my list. Still trying to get you a "drops in walls" savefile.

Oh, and reiterating a feature request to bring back the trap detection line, at least as a game-play option. (I note, "FAAngband does this...")

Currently, my only complaint is not liking the new treatment of secret doors not being detectable except by walk-by. I think it makes tactical approaches to pits difficult, wastes time unnecessarily feeling around for doors, and unfairly benefits experienced players who already have a good idea of where secret doors are most likely to be.

Looking forward to, hopefully, seeing new terrain in the dungeon; like lava pits, water rooms, webs, hidden tree groves (ala FAAngband.) And to those who say trees don't grow underground, maybe its a shaft room with access to sunlight, or a giant mushroom forest like in Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth".

Maybe some of those one-time "special" levels from FAAngband too. "Drums in the deep...!!!" And "neutral" aligned "p", so that I can have a sop to my conscience about killing every single thing.

Thanks, Nick. Such a great job!
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