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Originally Posted by cowgod View Post
I would also be happy with having each spell book contain one spell that you learn and permanently know when you read the spell book. I doubt that would be implemented though because it seems like it would be a significant change to game balancing.
Originally Posted by Spacebux View Post
As is, gained/learned spells & prayers are permanent. But, one must maintain a copy in-hand. Ideally, the more one casts a spell / prayer, the more efficient one ought to be at it, but that is bit of coding I don't think I our team of coders has opportunity to tackle at the moment.
What I was saying is the following: you find a spell book with one spell, you read it, the book disappears, and you now know the spell permanently with no spell book required. There could be some % change that you fail to learn the spell, but either way you don't have to carry the spell book.

It's like that in many more modern RPGs (e.g. Final Fantasy I, Geneforge, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines), though I admit that the games I'm thinking of aren't roguelikes.

I'm not sure whether that was clear from my first post or not, but I doubt anyone's going to make this change anyways.

Originally Posted by Spacebux View Post
Acid is the most useful elemental attack - as you know - more mobs than any other have this resist hole. But it does not do double-damage to non-resistant mobs. The game does not give mage spells any *slay* ability, e.g. Mages dish it out equally to all. A Priest doesn't have to worry about whether his Orb will be resisted or not... just whether it will do double damage or not! (and whether he/she holds a blessed weapon or not...)
While warriors do get swords of slay dragon (or whatever), mages do get area of effect attacks. I'm pretty sure that warriors don't get any "sword of hitting everyone in the room at once".

Though it is a moot point if you happen to be casting fireball at something that's immune to fire.
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