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Hello all,

I am a bad roguelike player and a long-time Tolkien reader and fan. I have stumbled upon Sil by pure chance and have grown enamored ever since by its attention to the First Age theme. With this post I would like to thank the people of and first of all Gwarl for putting up all this work to make Angband and its variants accessible to the greater public and people that have never been into the genre before.

The platform Gwarl created has been excellent and very accepting of newbies full of questions like me. I have slowly grown to realise that the people playing there are very experienced in Angband and its variants and yet I have only felt that I was being actively coached and advised upon without any elitism. And for that I am thankful.

Special thanks to Gwarl, wobbly, MITZE, bostock, rodent, Hugo and everyone else that has helped me in Sil and now Angband 4.1.0.

Fellow newbies, if playing roguelikes online in the company of people that know their business and yet explain patiently how to set keymaps, sharing tips and never being patronising or elitist, I can't recommend enough. I am slowly realising what a rich world Angband and its variants are. It's yes, that's a very pleasing epiphany.

Game on!


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