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Originally Posted by Remuz View Post
As pointed out, you should try the official tome forums, where you might get more help.

Regarding your problem, I ran into something similar, when running the game under Windows 7. I did not try too hard to solve the problem, so I have no solution to offer, unfortunately.
I thought someone said the ToME forums were dead or hacked or something... I can try there, I just value everyone here since I've followed this site recently.

The dungeon didn't have "."'s either. Very weird, I could see my light effect on the walls, but the floor tiles did not show, and the little "p"'s running around in the dungeon appeared sporadically, as if they had some temporary invisible at times, especially that darn bandit. Once, I saw him way down the first hallway, and other times I could not see him until I was 2 squares away.

I also saw that ToME had some weird effects with Vista and I'm assuming Windows 7, so maybe that is it too...
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