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All undead characters start at nighttime.

It sounds to me like the graphic for '.' is missing somehow. I don't know how to go about debugging that issue. You should still need to wield a light source as normal (Vampires have an inherent radius-1 light, but every other race/class combination needs to provide their own), and it should illuminate things as normal.

Some enemies in the dungeon carry their own light sources, which would explain why you can see them from a distance.

Essences are for alchemy; you can safely delete them. Alchemy is only available to Alchemists (naturally), and is very broken.

If I recall correctly, the numbers next to wands are their min and max spell levels -- so a wand of Manathrust (1|15) can cast Manathrust anywhere from level 1 to level 15, depending on your Magic Device skill. I could be wrong though. You will want to invest at least around 15-20 points in Magic Device so you can activate rods and artifacts reliably; might as well do it early and get some mileage out of wands while you're at it.
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