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1) No, AC tops out at 150, and you are a ranger, just shoot disenchanting monsters from a distance. Not much breathes it anyway, so its almost a non-risk. Plus you'd lose RConf. And you have Taratol for lightning immunity.

2) !*Healing*, !Life, !CCW, !Mana, !Healing, Arrows of Slay Evil / Holy Might / Acid and other slays against uniques you haven't killed yet. Also Staves/Scrolls of *Destruction*, Mass Banishment, Rune of Protection, and wands/rods of Teleport Other. (EDIT) Staves/Potions of Speed too (saves mana and fail from haste self)

3) When most if not all dangerous uniques are dead, you have the consumables and speed required, and just feel comfortable going down. Right now you have +19 speed base, get it to at least +20 so you can be at +30 when you're fighting Morgoth (and Sauron too, but +30 isnt *necessary* for him). Any slower and Morgoth can double move on you and splatter you all over the dungeon.

4) Eh, its a matter of preference, but Tarrasque and Atlas are annoying and can be avoided.
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