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Originally Posted by nikheizen View Post
I hacked this together real quick, so not 100% sure it will work as expected.
Replace the files in lib/xtra/graf: 32x32.bmp with your 256 colour bmp and replace 32x32.png with your png.
Try out the pref editing with %7v after selecting Tulip's tiles.
Don't put anything in the top-left-most grid square.
Make sure to dump the preferences to a file when you are done editing. Do tell me if it works or not.
Gave it a shot. It registered as 16x16 tiles despite being a 32x32 layout.

I can dump whatever things you want me to.

I was given some good suggestions by some dudes I know.
Hereforth, all sprites, with few exceptions, shall be full body and shall encompass entirety of 32x32 (in terms of height, not necessarily width).

Redone Mugash.

Redone Large Kobold

Spectral Wyrm:

Mature Dragon:

edit: 10 images per post is annoying, ill have to just add them to a big sheet when I can be bothered and have enough sprites to justify that action

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