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[4.0.5] Game crashes

Running Angband under Windows 10, On my priest, I'm currently at 1000' and while I have the level about halfway cleared, I've encountered a problem with the game repeatedly crashing as I move into the southwest quadrant of the level. I've attached my save file to this post. Up until now, the game has run pretty smoothly on my machine, no other crashes. For some reason, this level has caused a crash for me EVERY time I have attempted to enter that section of the map. Not sure what's causing it, but maybe someone who has more knowledge of these things can have a look at it.
To be more specific, crash occurs when I cast a spell in either of the two small rooms in the SW quadrant. As soon as I start to see the casting animation, the application crashes.
EDIT 2: disabling graphical tiles entirely means crash doesn't occur... seems to be related to the spell animations for ball or beam spells like wands/Orb of Draining/Call Light /etc.
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