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Unhappy Gray-mages in Poschengband

I was looking for ideal magic caster class for myself and tried a sorcerer, which was ok to me, but then I stumbled upon gray-mage class. I liked the idea of having a fixed amount of active spells and ability to memorize a spell from almost any magic realm. But from class description I thought that I can like memorize a desired spell now, but at any given time I could "forget" that spell and memorize another one. But it now seems that you can memorize one, and you can only override existing one upon gaining a new study point (new level), which limits me to 50 memorizations for the entire game only.

Am I right?

If so, it kind of destroys the flexibility that I thought gray-mage have: being able to memorize 10 spells ideal for one fight, and, if necessary, dememorize them (maybe at some mage tower only) so that to memorize another 10 for another fight where spells are more efficient (due to resistances of a monster)
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