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krazyhades explains it well. It's about picking the best of the best. The limited memorizations really won't come into effect.

My (only) Poschengband win was with a Grey Mage (Dark Elf, polymorphed myself into Demigod halfway through). It's neat being able to get the most useful spells, but in my experience your slots are limited enough that you rarely get to feel the full benefit of it; you invariably have to carry so many devices to make up for things that you may as well be carrying the spellbooks themselves.

For reference, my final spells on my winner were the following:

Device Mastery
Ultimate Resistance
Weaponmastery (can't even recall why I used this... to melee chaff?)
Breathe Inertia
Magical Armor
Door Creation
Dimension Door
Mana Storm

A lot of that is coloured by the fact that I was using it to fight the Serpent/PGR at the time, so I was defensively focused. Still, generally, you want non-elemental/non-resistable spells (Fist of Force, or whatever it's called, isn't a bad early one) or ones that can stun or otherwise disable the enemy. Dimension Door is probably the best spell in the game, I expect it to get nerfed to uselessness soon. Another strong one is that high-level light burst spell. That can really help you kill monsters much stronger than yourself, assuming they're light-vulnerable.

You can also use Polymorph Self and Restoration/Cure Mutation (again, I forget the actual names of the spells) to selectively mutate yourself or change your race, but your stats will quickly drop. I ended up having to spend hours scumming for stat gain potions to undo the damage I did myself. Worth attempting if you have a large surplus of them, I guess, but otherwise don't bother.
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