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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
You look to be in very good shape for the depth you're at, you've just been rather slow getting there. Ideally you should be some way ahead of your min depth; the experience and equipment is better as you get lower.
This happens because I usually fully explore the levels and I had some long fights in some places. So I shouldn't fully explore the levels? Or is it linked with my not investing most XP in Melee and Evasion?

Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
In terms of other general advice - you haven't taken your free Archery skill, and you've bought quite a lot of skills for the depth you're at when it's often better to just keep pumping points into Melee and Evasion. Because Archery halves evasion, even quite small Archery investments remain relevant later into the game. I tend to pick up the free skills within the first few levels. Your stats also are quite Grace-heavy and you're not using songs or smithing all that much; I feel you'd be much better served with more Strength or Dexterity.

This thread has a bunch of advice you may find useful.
Edit: I looked at the archery skills. Which one should I choose? The first ones seems a bit meh.
So, invest more in Melee and Evasion. Go for more Str and Dex. I'll reread this post. Thanks!

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