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This reduces my desire to play no_wilderness mode, more specifically the removal of the no small levels option. The reason is because once you are deeper always small levels means that you "> detect move 5 steps < detect move 5 steps" and repeat, on mostly empty levels. Big levels are more likely to generate an item worth crossing it for or a vault or interesting room, late game gameplay is using clairvoyance for that sort of thing.
"Small levels" in deep-dungeon Angband, even after this tweak, are actually pretty large - usually 132x66 or 198x44, sometimes 132x44 (compared to 198x66 "big levels") - and play more like big levels than like the tiny levels of dungeons like Mine. Maybe "medium-sized levels" would be a more accurate description; they just have their sizes picked by the small-level routine, so that was the most immediately available term.
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