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Major props to rodent and everyone credited to keeping FCPB alive to the excitement it keeps to this day!!

Feature request:
'Valhalla' dungeon with Viking / Norse mythology themes and monsters

Side note -
For reference, rodent was referring to this 'very minor bug' earlier:
(See the accompanying posts after that one too - At the time of that 'bug' posting, I did not yet check on how much / little 'energy' is spent on destroying individual item(s) in a multi-item-type stack)

Various other 'bugs' that I've mentioned on (These are my pet peeves):
1) Blinded players can still 'see' objects on ground. Arguably, being blinded just means 'extremely myopic' in the game's context.
2) 'Confused' players can easily use Staves of Curing / Teleport at very low failure rates. On the other hand, being 'stunned' significantly worsens failure as expected.
3) For non-Possessors, all corpse and skeleton weights are 4 lbs and 2 lbs, respectively.
My best try at PosChengband 7.0.0's nightmare-mode on

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