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Originally Posted by Rudiment View Post
I have questions about Demigod Special Powers:
1) Fleet of Foot. Does it increase speed of hero in term of speed +x?
2) Weapon Versatility. Is it just give hero opportunity to master all weapons? Does it remove "icky" wield or something? How can i know max level of weapon mastery available for my class (ex. mindcrafter)?
3) Ambidexterity. Can this power increase dual-wield mastery beyond maximum level?

Then i wear my Double Ring Mail i get message "Then i wear my Double Ring Mail i get message" but there is no decrease speed of my character. What does it mean?
1) No. Fleet of Foot makes you walk much faster, but unlike a speed bonus it applies only when you walk, it does not affect any action other than walking. Like the description says, it reduces walking energy consumption by 40% (that is, you can walk 5 squares in the time it would normally take you to walk 3 squares), which does not correspond to any fixed bonus of the "speed +X" type.

2) Weapon Versatility allows you to reach [Ma] proficiency with any weapon, however it does not remove icky-wield (you can master the icky weapon but will still receive the icky penalties). You can view your maximum proficiencies in the proficiency menu (~P, then M to toggle mode).

3) Yes, but the bonus from Ambidexterity doesn't stack with any bonus from gloves of Genji.

4) Your message seems a bit garbled here, but if you mean the message that says "The weight of your equipment encumbers your movement", that means a reduction in your mana pool (your equipment is so heavy that it prevents you from casting spells normally). How large that reduction is depends on just how overweight your equipment is; it could be either huge or negligible. For some classes, at least Blood-Mages, this status may also trigger other spellcasting penalties.
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