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Originally Posted by Rudiment View Post
1) Find a weapon with stat *Sharpness*. Does it just increase the base weapon damage and nothing more?
2) Does power of given artifact via Scroll of Acquirement depends of dungeon level where scroll is read?
3) Some enemies use mana bolt and this attack can eat up to 150 HP per turn. Is there any way to reduce such damage? (exclude daze attacks on foul spellcasters)
1) Sharpness and *Sharpness* give sharp criticals, which basically multiply the damage from the dice, but in a much more unpredictable way than brands or slays. The damage numbers shown on your character sheet account for sharp criticals.
2) Yes (and ?Acquirement results are not necessarily artifacts)
3) Magic resistance would reduce the damage, but magic resistance is incredibly rare (the vast majority of winning characters never find a magic resistance item). Reflection gives a 75% chance to reflect any incoming bolts, including mana bolts; you will take no damage from a reflected bolt. Remember, though, that that still leaves a 25% chance of the mana bolt getting through...

Level up a bit more and your character will have to survive much worse than mana bolts
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