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Originally Posted by bebo View Post
I remeber the huge thread about nerfing zephyr hounds that was active a few weeks ago; here's my view on things: the only thing that needs to be reduced is the huge number of hounds generated in a single pack - this will take care both of the annoyance factor of taking ages to clear them to get anywhere on the map, and reduce the letality of random teleport and going up/down stairs. Just my two cents.
As the cheerleader of the "nerf the Zs" movement, I'd happily agree with your suggested compromise. Like, at least halve the current pack size.
Finally, a feature request - change how !exp works : as it is now they are quite a frustrating find, having to wait to get to 200000xp to use them, and quite often dying before getting there (see the two in my home...)
This has been done in trunk, and will be in 3.1.1
PS - there seem to be a few new problems with the quality autosquelch options, still have to clearly identify them though; also, there seems to be a new category of pseudo for rings and amulets, {splendid} - how is this rated vs good and excellent? I saw it regarding rings of teleport, which have both a bonus and a malus
Yeah I've seen this too. I think some reworking of pseudo will happen once ID-by-use is working properly.
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